Sunday 6 November 2011


Had a trip out today on Reel Deal with Stuart C & Davie Kirkland in the hope of a Cod or two .... tried various areas >> Prestwick Peaks, the rougher ground near the Glensheil wreck and the Barber Rock without much success. Most areas we didn't even get a bite but managed a few very small Cod at the Barber Rock. We had fresh lug and muscles with Dave trying a bit of squid as well. These marks always produced a few Cod at this time of year .... Sadly not for a few years now !! >>>> we were hoping that with a few Cod showing from the beaches in the past month or two that we would have managed a few fish out .... Not even one near sized .. Crap !

Whether it's related or not I don't know but there has been dozens of boats prawn trawling the area lately .... Many from Ireland who I believe are trying to save there own quota. In my humble opinion all of this bottom trawling can't be good.

A few more east coast trips me thinks !!

At least it was a lovely day out and good to catch up with Davie .... He is doing fantastic after his health troubles of the past year!

No pics I'm afraid.