Tuesday 19 June 2012

Sharkatag 2012

A really busy day for those in the Whithorn area on Sunday.

A cracking example of a Luce Bay Leopard.

The Spurdog were there as well.

Its all good...

The last sight your bait see's before the ratchet sings.

Martin tried to crack a smile but caught his crack in the throttle lever instead.

With things hotting up Gordon took his bunnet off.....about time  Benny

Not sure who has the best dentist ?

Gordon with a nice Tope the reward for a nights kip in the car.

Willie decided to try for a full string of Huss so baited some feathers and took a double shot.

Martin was pleased with this Huss which were abundant when the Tope took a tea break.

Here we find Stuart wrestling with a Tope which is not best pleased to see him and who can blame it!

A total nut job of a Gurnard to be swimming down there on the day in question.
A nice angle in Gordon's picture below.