Monday 9 July 2012

Summer League 2nd match Bracken Bay

                          1st W Millar with 7 fish for 249 points
                         2nd S Wason 5 fish for 194 points
                         3rd S Wilson 4 fish for 127 points
                         4th equal J Wilson/I Grant 3 fish for 101 points
                         5th N Wilson 2 fish for 68 points
                         6th C Grant 1 fish for 39 points
                               7 members fished

 S Wason and W Millar lead the summer league with 38 points 2nd N Wilson and S Wilson 32 points 3rd C Grant 30 points.

J Soons leads the overall shore league with 98 points. 2nd J Wilson 53 points 3rd S Wilson 50 points.