Monday 25 February 2013

Annual Tay Day

Thanks again to Stewart for planning our annual trip in search of the elusive spring Salmon. It was certainly warmer than last year but unfortunately  this year, nobody connected  with a fresh run fish. John Wilson managed to catch a kelt which was also his first Salmon, picture to follow, well done John.

Davy and Willie had a kelt apiece on the boat.
The crew then retired to the fishing hut for a brew  and some food at 1pm

Davy melts his feet on the burner and wastes no time showing off his skills with some reverse tricep push ups just for shits and giggles....

5 of the crew stayed up for the night and were last seen dancing, singing, falling asleep and off stools at the same time well into the early hours of the morning. Martin discovered a suspiciously leaky  radiator in his room in the morning( anybody know a decent plumber ?) and also managed to leave without paying. But that was OK ,when they got half way to Stirling they had to head back for a variety of car keys, cameras and chargers for Stewart and Willie.