Wednesday 7 August 2013

The BP sponsored Reel Deal takes to the high seas

Stuart and Willie took advantage of the summer weather making an exploratory trip on Reel Deal.

A Sunfish also enjoying the weather as well.
A  Turbot for WK
Stu no doubt reaching for a filleting knife shortly aftet the grip & grin shot

 WK hand tagging a Sunfish for the N.A.S.O.S.O ( North Atlantic Save our Sunfish Organisation)

A Blue Shark for Willie, nice one. You would think it was a cluggie, cheer up Willie worry about the diesel bill the mora! The lads also had a 3 pound Pollack chopped in half on a short line at the back of the boat eithier another Blue or maybe a Porgie.
Tope were  plentiful if that's what you were after.

All in a great trip, superb weather and some knowledge gained.