Thursday 16 February 2012

SW boat trip as told by John Wilson

We left Ayr at around 7am and arrived at 9.30am and started fishing for10.00. Having got to our mark and made a start the first fish aboard was a whiting and then a dogfish. The whiting  came in three at a time with best one going to myself at 1lb 4oz. Mixed in with the whiting were some haddock but nothing to write home about, nice to see all the same. This proved to be the norm with Scott also getting a small Codling. Stuart and Willie pulled along side to see how we were getting on to which point Willie held up a cod of 5lbs 8ozs  caught by Stuart which was a nice fish for the area. As the tide started to pick up we called it a day as we could not hold bottom with a 1lb of lead. Good to get out fishing.... thanks lads