Saturday 25 February 2012

Tay day Salmon

Ten club members attended and we landed in Dunkeld at the Merryburn Hotel at around 8am to meet up with Arthur and his wife who had stayed overnight. Stuart Clark having organised the day sorted out the hospitality with a round of bacon rolls and coffees to kick start the day and we were on our way. With exception of Stuart nobody had any experience of river of this size, fast flowing, wide and pretty daunting. We met up with Colin the ghillie who made us welcome, more coffee and then down to the river.

Eddie and Martin took to the boat first off for a spot of harling with Davy and Willie taking the afternoon shift. The rest of the members took up position on the various parts of the beat. Within two minutes Martin was hooped into a fish which came as a shock in what is normally a waiting game. Colin put the boat ashore and after a spirited fight the fish found its way into the net( a bit of stab it in anyway)... unfortunately so did a hook point of the Kynoch Killer and with a thrash the fish was free. Pictures here taken by Eddie just before Colin used the rubber net technique on the fish.

 After some banter and some verbal abuse directed at Colin the morning was over and we had  break for lunch.

The afternoon session proved to be eventful. Colin dropped Stevie and Martin off on the other bank and Willie and Davy headed upstream in the boat. As they rounded a  bend they could see Rodney had a fish on and beached the boat see the video here shortly.

Super fish, bar of silver12 pound springer...... caught on a Firetail Pollack lure and a jig head! Rodney having talked it up during the week had delivered the goods. A fish to be pleased with in anyones books and while not the biggest a lot of people try and spend lots of money chasing these elusive fish. Clearly you just need jellytail Pollack lures " ya dafties"
Colin took Willlie and Davy back out and they were straight on the fish with two back to back seen below, not fresh run fish but nice to get just the same.

Meanwhile John Wilson was downstream quietly going about his business catching his first ever Brown Trout out of season so this was returned as well.

Great day out so thanks to Colin and Stuart.