Tuesday 27 September 2011

Ayr SAC v Ardrossan & District SAC 5 man team Loch Etive 24 Sep 2011

Team result;
Ayr 48 fish for 166 points
Ardrossan 19 fish for 78 points

Tam Borland - 1 fish for 7 points
Alan Robertson - 5 fish for 22 points
Stuart Ballantine - 7 fish for 28 points
Pat McGugan - 4 fish for 11 points
John Deans - 2 fish for 6 points
Gordon Goldie - 14 fish for 44 points
Jason Nicol - 10 fish for 39 points
Scott MacAleese - 10 fish for 37 points
Darren Sloan - 7 fish for 28 points
Graham Paisley - 7 fish for 20 points

Species caught - Spurdog, LSD, Thornback, Whiting, Cod, Pollack, Pouting

As you can see from the results, fishing was very poor with the majority of the counting fish being small spurdogs. Skipper Donald McLean tried very hard to put us over the fish with several moves up and down the loch at marks from 40ft to 365ft deep. With very small tides and a lot of fresh water coming into the loch, conditions were always going to be difficult, but the Ayr lads fished hard from the first minute to the last and came out clear winners. Well done boys. A big thanks to Billy McCormack of Silver Lure SAC for measuring the fish and marking up the scores for us.

Thursday 22 September 2011


Had a session down Prestwick last night with Scott McCartney, Davie Dobie and Rab Gallagher ..... a few names there from the past on the that list !!!!

We had plenty small coallies, couple of Whiting - Scott even had a small Cod but just to P Martin and his species bash off  I pulled out a 5 Bearded Rockling ...... Martin is nearly checking himself into the loony bin as he canny catch one !!

I was also down Sunday night for a couple of hours ... no Bass then either -- 3 Flounders, Coallies and Whiting ...... this was the double shot first cast ------ and yes the small one is that small ( wish it was the bigger one was that big :oD

Wednesday 21 September 2011

John breaks his duck

John, Shane and Will fished  a few weeks back and had a decent result with John eventually breaking his Bass duck with some Bass. Now that the seal has eventually been broken we are expecting  a few more Mr Wilson!

John, quick question. Is there a motorbike missing a headlight in your street ?

Cuckoo on Pladda

Saturday 17 September 2011

Coming to a beach near you, fish be afraid be very afraid

With no need for GPS, fresh bait,any real angling skill and while using rubber hooks the fish surrendered in sheer terror at the faces peering into the sea.....

Friday 16 September 2011

Summer League Turnberrry

The club held a summer league match here last night.

1st S Wason 10 fish
2nd J Soons  8 fish
3rd J Wilson  3 fish

The best fish was a Bass for Jamie 54cm 4. 8oz

I think we will agree that this is a smashing fish for the area and a decent result for the match.

Wednesday 14 September 2011

What is Jamie's favourite soup ?

We think it  might be birdsnest soup.......... Go on big chap reach for the horizon!


The weather was kinder than expected for the club outing to Machrihanish with a number of calls off for various reasons only three members made the long trip west.

Its always exciting fishing a new venue in particular somewhere that appears not to get too much angling pressure.  Jamie, Willie and Martin were not disappointed and had some reasonable results with seven species including Bass, Turbot, Pollack, Coalfish, Flounder, Whiting and Weaver.

I'm sure that this area could promise a lot more and with some time deliver some nice fish and a few surprises.

Read the full report here


Tight lines

Friday 2 September 2011

Welcome to our blog

Just a quick welcome to the new blog  for Ayr Sea Angling Club.

The club promotes fun friendly fishing with club events being run around the coast of Scotland. These take on various formats from a points system, largest targeted species for the day, 3 best specimens on the day to biggest single fish and an overall species hunt.

Our next club outing is a trip to Machrihanish from the 9th -11th September. This venue gets very little attention so lets hope it throws up a few surprises. It looks great in this picture with the waves hopefully concealing a few Bass.

Willie Kennedy