Saturday 31 August 2013

Smooth seas and smooth fishing

Stewart and Eddie made good use of the recent calm spell launching Stewarts boat down the SW.
Stewart might have been under his chair on his last BA flight for that lifejacket but at least it matches the boat.
The guys had  15 Smoothies to 7 pounds in two hours, nice fishing....

Monday 19 August 2013

Tubs of fun

As told by Scott

Me and Kyle went out from Whithorn on Tuesday as there was a small weather window. 

After the usual struggle for mackieswe anchored up in Wigtown bay. 

We had a couple of nice Tubs with the best falling to Kyle at 3.8 lbs only just short of the club record. 

He also had Huss to 15 which again fell to Kyle. 

Tope were in abundance with Kyle getting the most !! The were all small pack Tope but good fun. 

Guest for the day was Tom (toon fireman) who has assured me he has now sharpened his hooks!!

All in a good day which if it had been a match Kyle would have whipped us :-)

Wednesday 7 August 2013

The BP sponsored Reel Deal takes to the high seas

Stuart and Willie took advantage of the summer weather making an exploratory trip on Reel Deal.

A Sunfish also enjoying the weather as well.
A  Turbot for WK
Stu no doubt reaching for a filleting knife shortly aftet the grip & grin shot

 WK hand tagging a Sunfish for the N.A.S.O.S.O ( North Atlantic Save our Sunfish Organisation)

A Blue Shark for Willie, nice one. You would think it was a cluggie, cheer up Willie worry about the diesel bill the mora! The lads also had a 3 pound Pollack chopped in half on a short line at the back of the boat eithier another Blue or maybe a Porgie.
Tope were  plentiful if that's what you were after.

All in a great trip, superb weather and some knowledge gained.

Return of Del Monte man

Stewart's been at it again as you can see here.
A cracking Mullet , well done.....

Sunday 4 August 2013

Jason gets his first Bass

Jamie took Paul and Jason out at the weekend with Jason getting his first Bass and a nice enough one at that. Taking it off the surface, even better.


Saturday 3 August 2013

Great weather in Kintyre

Gordon was over in Kintyre recently catching a few species from the beach and from a borrowed RIB.

Despite decades of trying to catch a Bass and being in a prime location at an excellent time of year over great tides they seem to avoid him like the plague. Apparently one fell off ( oh dear never mind Gordon) Martin could of course help him with this but after being subjected to some un-warranted abuse  in relation to this matter a wee while ago he has more chance of winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Nice colours

We would also point out the club has no idea if correct permission was sought and indeed given for the fish above. As you can see it was unlikely it was returned….

Club outing Portppatrick

Left Port Patrick at 9.00am and headed to our mark but was met by a fog bank which dictated how the fishing would be for the rest of the day. We had planned to anchor up and fish for some tope. The skipper had a couple of drifts and we had some nice whiting and haddock on board.

The next drift produced Gurnards, Plaice, and the odd dogfish. We had a shot at anchoring and the Bull Huss made an appearance and the hope of a tope might be around. The skipper made the call to up anchor as visibility was poor as the fog was all around us as you will notice in the pictures.

Went on the drift again and was into some nice Bull Huss, Whiting and more dogfish. Mat had the best haddock which made it escape to freedom as I was taking his picture. Darren and Malky best Bull Huss at 9lbs 4os for Malky Darren`s around the 10lb mark. Shane the mackerel king and Victoria had a nice launce and Mat had a nice plaice. Everyone had a good time and plenty of fish caught well done guys.


A fat ghostly figure...

Martin’s gone nocturnal again so don’t be alarmed if you see a lone hooded figure on a shore near you  in the middle of the night lure rod in hand…..