Monday 17 December 2012

Gordon and Martin at Sunart

The guys had a trip up here on Sunday and the fishing was constant for five hours straight from the first drop.

Gordon had the two best fish at 13 and 14 but there was a healthy mix of fish from a pound upwards. With very few dogfish in the mix they caught over 70 fish.

Sunday 9 December 2012

Arbroath shore match 8th December

The results from the match last night as Follows.

1st J Soons with 8 cod for 394pts.
2nd S Cresswell 6 cod 1 coalie for 387pts.
3rd I Grant 6 cod for 290pts.
4th S McAleese 4 cod 1 coalie for 256pts.
5th R Edmund 2 cod for 89pts.
6th S Wilson 1 cod for 71pts.
7th N Wilson 1 cod for 49pts.
8th M Bletsoe 1 flounder for 36pts.

Longest scoring fish S Wilson 66cms

9 members fish + 2 guests.


Monday 26 November 2012

Monday 19 November 2012

Fish Filleting demo night

Seventeen members attended this event  held at ScotPrime Foods in Troon last week.

Steven Toner demonstrated various techniques for preparing both round and flatfish for the table. This event was well attended and the feedback from members regarding the event was good.

Thanks to Steven Toner,Dan Hendrie,Davy Hodge, Les McBride

Jim in exile in Englandshire

Jim Hamilton had this nice fish in his boat at the weekend ( unfortunately not  on  his rod) It's nice to see the Three Sisters is still in action!

16 pounds of Ken Dod


John, Shane, Iain and Chris had a decent days fishing on a charter boat on Etive. The guys had double figure Spurs a nice Ling and some Thornies.

Gordon's trip to Sunart at the weekend

All of last week I'd been sitting looking at the weekend forecast with my mood shifting between dread and disgust. Two work colleagues had been due to come out with me for a while, but I'd had to cancel twice because of yukky forecasts. Saturday was cancelled for a third time.
Settling down to the thought of a fishing free weekend with as much enthusiasm as a muderer awaiting the gallows I accepted my fate. All of a sudden....... on Saturday afternoon I checked the forecast again for the following day to find it had improved a bit and was now in the "do-able" category. No mad fishing buddies could be located, so it was to be a solo trip.
One of the main bonuses for me about having the Warrior 165 is that I can launch and recover it single handed in all but the worst weather. This means I can take a mad notion at a moment's notice and fly solo if required :-)... The drive up to Sunart was extremely pleasant. There is something fairly civilised about the first Sunday ferry not being until 8.45am - i don't need to leave the house until seven o'clock for starters.
I launched easily enough and headed for my first mark wuite near to Resipole and in 210 feet of water. The doggie bites came thick and fast to all three rods and it seemed they preferred mackerel to squid. No spurries here though. I lasted here about two and a half hours in glorious weather before upping anchor and moving about a mile to my old faithful "Goldie's hole". This is not in fact a hole - it has no features at all, just a muddy bed 240ft below the surface where I have been lucky in the past.
Got the rods down and again the doggies were in plague proportions - I had two treble shots and quite a few doubles. I got one spur about 10lb which managed to shake the hook on the surface. This is a fairly rare occurrence for the circle hooks that I use. 

Around three o'clock and in really shitty weather I got the unmistakable banging of a decent spurrie bite. Right away it was clear that this was a decent fish and it gave a good scrap on the way up as it also managed to get wrapped around my other two lines. I struggled to get it into the net and was relieved when I swung it inboard. Beautifully marked fat female that measured 113cm long and 40cm around. It weighed in at 15lb 2oz. Fish was quickly back in the water and I returned to the mundane doggy fishing.

Happy Days!


Sunday 11 November 2012

Super east coast trip

A good start to the Cod season for Jamie, Stu and Willie. Below are the best fish from last night

Nice to se Willie on some R&R with a thumper of a fish

Seamus ( AKA Codless Screwdriver) or Jamie as he's occasionally known -7.9
If the Cod are about Stu's out. Pictured here with a nice double

Friday 9 November 2012

Fish Filleting night THURSDAY 15TH NOVEMBER

This will be held this THURSDAY 14th NOVEMBER at SCOT-PRIME FOODS warehouse at Troon Harbour. Meeting at 7pm for a 7.30 start. Please wrap up warm.

Steven Toner will show how to expertly fillet both flat and round fish and everyone will get a shot themselves. The fillets will then be given out for you to take home.

In addition, Les McBride has very generously offered to sharpen everyone's filleting knives on his super duper laser sharpener. Knives will be taken away on the night and should be back within the week. A small donation to the RNLI will be requested for this service.
Please submit your names to Scott or Gordon
Our thanks go to Dan Hendrie of Scot-Prime Foods in Troon for the use of his facilities, and of course Steven "The Flashing Blade" Toner

Thursday 8 November 2012

Some fish from Etive last weekend

On Richards boat the guys had Spurs to  6 pounds and Thornies to 8.12

Think there was a fire sale on these bunnets last weekend

Two at a time( but is that Malki's rig festooned everywhere?

A happy man

Another new boat Richard ? Who would have thought it ?

A couple of fish from Martin's trip

A cracking Wrasse on a soft plastic
Martin had just retrieved his rod and reel out the sea about 30 minutes before catching this, nearly and expensive mistake

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Loch Sunart November- The Black Pig

 Kenny making a start...

One of the best for Kenny, 1070 & 14.7

John's on the fish
John chilling at the Salen Hotel. The hotel was good and over the years has got even better with a variety of accomodation on offer, great food and a smashing location.

Kenny with a nice Spur but the pet spaniels had it's last Kit Kat....why make a bunnet out your dogs ears ??

Loch Sunart November-Tickety Boo

A  few pictures from last weekend

Nice Spur for Stuart as you can see its not summer...

An outstanding picture of a Sea Eagle. It seems it had been trained  during the summer to hunt the foreshore for  dentures and copper pipe ; )

Stuart with a nice Conger and some might say body double

Starting to look like a Gers photo if you ask me where's Kenny and the Black Pig ?

Big squid & wee dug

Full fishing "fantasy mode" or maybe its just a an empty tin at Loch Sunart

November glory

Gordon hiding his chin..and a nice Spur

Saturday 13 October 2012

Jamies latest haul

Willie joined Jamie for session on Prestwick beach last Saturday. The fishing was generally slow but Jamie had a good take within 10 minutes of starting. Making good use of his two rods Willie grabbing one, Jamie the other a brief battle took place both verbally and psychically as the lads rescued the rods from the sea and shared some hints and tips with their new found chum.
With 7 miles of beach it's hard to reason why anybody would set up 20ft  away from and angler and be surprised when the NW wind sends them off at speed left straight through an anglers gear.

Latest Round-Up

Curry Night at the Taj Friday 19th Oct

Email of call John

Boat Species Hunt

Stuart Cresswell 29 species with Gordon and Billy on his tail, time is running out!

Shore Species Hunt

Shane Wilson on 19 species with Will and John chasing him.

Results for the Prestwick match

1st S Wason 8 fish for 297pts.
2nd J Soons 4 fish for 147pts.
3rd I Grant 3 fish for 103pts.
4th J Wilson 2 fish for 83pts.
5th S Wilson 1 fish for 47pts.
6th N Wilson 1 fish for 42pts.
7th W Millar 1 fish for 38pts
longest fish S Wilson 42cms.


Monday 17 September 2012

SW club match

1st J Soons 7 smoothies 1 flounder 1 doggie 2 tub gurnards = 809pts.

2nd S Kirk 2 smoothies 3 doggies 2 flounders 1 whiting 1 coalie = 414pts.

3rd W Scott 2 smoothies 2 bass 1 doggie =361pis.

4th S Wilson 3 flounders 1 bass 1 smoothie 1 doggie = 274pts.

5th J Wilson 4 flounders 1 bass 1 whiting 1 doggie = 243pts.

6th I Grant 2 flounders = 67pts

Longest fish S Kirk 96cms

7 members fished.