Sunday 27 May 2012

SW Club match 27th May

The latest match report from Jamie.
The match kicked off at 11am and with the rest of the lads opting to fish the sand shoreline far to the right, whilst Michelle & myself fished the rocks straight down from the car.

Michelle was first into a fish with a nice rattle on her rod and her retrieval of the first fish of the day, a nice flounder at 34cm's - quickly followed by a nice double shot of flounders again, with the biggest at a nice 39cm's a nice deep plate of a fish!

Whilst sorting out Michelle's catch, I look round to see my other rod receive a nice tug, followed by some smaller pulls, upon picking up the rod, it's almost yanked from my hands, lifting into an nice fish, then it surfaces, an nice big bass, managed to get it to the side and beach it on the rocks, just at that point the hook pulls out and the fish almost escapes back into the water - measured at 70cm's bang on and weighed at 6lb 7oz, it's the first bass of the year for me and what a corker to start with! - We then pack up and head over to the next point along to join the rest of the guys...

Upon arrival we are informed of their lack of fish and bites, I set up again and cast out, within 5 minutes my rods nodding into another flattie and then followed by another 2 shortly after, then as the tide starts to ease the bites go off and it's time to sit back and relax and enjoy the sun! - yup roasted again!! - Iain Grant also managed a nice wee flounder of 34cm's falling to a rag bait.

1st.  Jamie Soons - 5 fish, 4 flounder & 1 Bass — longest fish 70cm's

2nd. Michelle Smith - 3 flounders — longest fish 39cm's

3rd. Iain Grant - 1 Flounder - 34cm's

Thursday 24 May 2012

Luce Bay for Steven & Will

Some cracking  fish for the lads here, 3 pound Tub Gurnard, 7 pound Smut and well.... a smashing Tope. Not too shabby.

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Sea Trout and Bass blank

Martin had a s successful visit to the Kyle of Tongue earlier in May for Sea Trout. He also managed an evening session on the Tay estuary last week which produced this fish below.
This was followed by the first blank Bass trip  of 2012 in the SW on Sunday past. This is Jamie snagging one of Martin's lures as Scott laughs and waits for the break.....fortunately Jamie worked it free but I'm told he takes switch anyway. It was a cracking day to be out but somebody gave the fish they day off.

Not to be put off...

Ian, Chris, John, Shane and Malky made a trip up to Etive after the proposed boating outing to Arbroath was cancelled last Saturday.  The Spurs and Thornies were absent but they caught plenty of Codling and Gurnards to keep them busy while defending themselves from the midges. Apparently they guys were playing dot to dot on Ian's face. Chris took the sweep money with a 1.5 Cod.

Nice Salmon from the Tay

Stewart was up in his usual haunt of a week and had an 11 pound fish before this peach was caught by a colleague the next day. At 24 pounds its a fine fish, check the shoulders on it ...

Saturday 19 May 2012

Next shore match Sunday 27th May

The next  shore match will be fished in the SW at our usual venue for this time of year.

It will be a two rod match based on the new points scoring system with target species being Bass, Dogfish, Flounders, Eels, Cod and maybe a Smoothie or two. In the right conditions good numbers of fish have shown on this mark to crab and worm baits. The sweep will be split  between the longest fish & most points

Fishing times 11am- 5pm please arrive at the venue no later than 10am.

If you are intend to fish please contact Martin. John or Jamie.

Boat Match results for the 12th May

1st David Hodge 233cm 30 points (Smoothie 91cm, LSD 76cm, Thornie 66cm)
2nd Suzanne Mackay 231cm 28 points (Smoothie 89cm, Thornie 81cm, LSD 61cm)
3rd Graham Paisley 227cm 27 points (Smoothie 100cm, Thornie 68cm, LSD 59cm)
4th Jason Nicol 216cm 26 points (Smoothie 84cm, Thornie 70cm, LSD 62cm)
5th Gordon Goldie 207cm 25 points (Smoothie 92cm, LSD 64cm, Thornie 51cm)
6th Scott MacAleese 173cm 24 points (Smoothie 92cm, LSD 54cm, Grey Gurnard 27cm)
The next boat event is sharkatag from 15th-17th of  June. The club match will be fished over the Saturday and Sunday only.

Sunday 13 May 2012

Scott and Andy on the road USMC V Royal Marines Sports Tour

Scott borrowed one of Malky's scratching rigs.The deckie thought it might do the business.

Nice Dorado

Andy with an Amberjack

Scott breaks out the Sabikis
Andy just needs a yacht and some gin to go with the hat

Its nice to relax with a couple of pints after a day at sea and where better to do that than Hooters

Sunday 6 May 2012

Boat Jumble

Gordon, Willie, Kenny, John , Scott and Kyle did the honours and manned the stall at the boat Jumble today. The lads sold on goods to the value of £1k +  and added £300 to the club funds.

Thanks was a sunny Sunday in May and there a lot of other things you could have been doing.

Friday 4 May 2012

Events in May

We have a busy month ahead and with the seasons changing some opportunity.

6th May Boat Jumble Paisley

12th May Wigtown Bay boat match, prospects of Smoothound, Bass and Tope

19th May Arbroath charter boat outing Cod

27th May SW ,lots of fish caught last year albeit not big...might be better quality this year

The first summer league match of the year is just over a month away at the Ballast Bank on 13th June