Saturday 19 May 2012

Boat Match results for the 12th May

1st David Hodge 233cm 30 points (Smoothie 91cm, LSD 76cm, Thornie 66cm)
2nd Suzanne Mackay 231cm 28 points (Smoothie 89cm, Thornie 81cm, LSD 61cm)
3rd Graham Paisley 227cm 27 points (Smoothie 100cm, Thornie 68cm, LSD 59cm)
4th Jason Nicol 216cm 26 points (Smoothie 84cm, Thornie 70cm, LSD 62cm)
5th Gordon Goldie 207cm 25 points (Smoothie 92cm, LSD 64cm, Thornie 51cm)
6th Scott MacAleese 173cm 24 points (Smoothie 92cm, LSD 54cm, Grey Gurnard 27cm)
The next boat event is sharkatag from 15th-17th of  June. The club match will be fished over the Saturday and Sunday only.