Thursday 25 July 2013

Stewarts Mullet

The hat and the grainy picture might have a certain 70's theme but this was Stewart with a nice Mullet of around 4 pounds this week. Some urban fishing from the man from Del Monte.

Sunday 14 July 2013

Bass-Martin throwing lures in the sun for some fun

Baldy kept himself covered up in the 20 degree heat....
The fishing was excellent with the fish locked on to pearl/chartruese colours in the bright conditions.
Martin's mate Sam was struggling and in uncharacteristic example of generosity he cut the lure from his own line and gave it to Sam. He was then asked if he felt OK and he replied no, but thanks for asking....
The wee man has his mojo back....

Monday 8 July 2013

Kyle's first Bass

Kyle's had a couple of attempts for Bass recently.
He managed their number one prey item earlier last week
Not the biggest Bass but when its your first who cares...well done Kyle and thanks to Jamie for taking him out.

The Wilson clan at it yet again!

Ayr SAC clubs equivalent of the Broons were on a local beach recently with some freshly dug lug. After starting at low tide Shane was first off the mark with a nice Flounder.
The troops were pestered with weed for a while but after sticking it out they managed six Bass and two Flounders.
Paw "Broon" himself with a wee bit of silver

Skate fishing on Reel Deal

Went up to Craobh Haven with Stu & Willie on Fri night and stayed over on Reel Deal. Set off 7am on Saturday morning after Willie wound in my wee rod with the sabikis and tiny bits of raggie - and diddled me out of a beautiful wee Long Spined Sea Scorpion, and started with a fruitless search for coalies for bait. never saw a single mackie either. Got to a mark near Crinan and got the skate rods down. Also had wee rods down as I was hoping to add conger, BMD or cuckoo ray to the species list.

Fishing was fairly constant throughout the day and we ended up with seven skate to the boat at 21, 30, 90, 103, 111, 150 & a big mama for GG at 204lbs :-) Four had previously been tagged, so their details were recorded and submitted to the SSTP.
Willie - the reel broken deal.....smashing gear all over the world

Got an email back from Lewis Cowie to tell me that Big Mama was originally tagged by Ian Burrett in Nov 2011 and measured then at 197lbs. She had been at large for 591 days between originally being tagged and coming aboard the gin palace for a wee visit.

Stuart and I managed two BMDs each which takes me up to 23 boat species for 2013.

We got back completely knackered after all that lot. The forecast from HM Coastguard was for Force 8 gales on Sunday so we beat the retreat down the road on Saturday night.


Monday 1 July 2013

Dan with a nice Bass

Dan's been back on the shore again and was rewarded by catching this lovely Bass on bait. Cobwebs off the rods now ?