Saturday 26 November 2011

Curry night

Thanks to those who could make it on Friday night to the Taj at Prestwick. Twelve members tucked into  an assortment of Indian cuisine and a few beers(Jamie tanned the fish as usual)

A few of the guys  then went into the town to Davy and Tanya's party with the stragglers that knew no better ending up in  Club Too Far.

The Chairman was last heard shouting " Bawbag" outside the Black Bull circa 12.30am......

Next club match East Coast next Saturday 3rd Dec.Long range forecast for this not too clever at the moment.

Sunday 20 November 2011

East Coast

Martin and Jamie made the trip east and met up with Gordon in Arbroath at the weekend. The sea state was dropping fast as were the guys prospects of having a decent days fishing. Jamie was first off the the mark with a large Shore Rockling, Gordon weighed it and it went 9oz and is possibly a new club record. Gordon  then caught a small Cod and they all made a start on reducing the amount of weight that was to be carried back to the cars. Martin and Jamie made a few moves as did Gordon who headed up to the Aberdeen area. A  few small fish were added to the tally but Martin got the only sizable fish of the day. Great weather and very mild, good day to be out and about but the ultimately given the forecast not a good day for catching .

Sunart club match

Last weekends Tagathon also doubled as a two day club match event with the objective being to catch the heaviest Spurdog. The fishing was patchy over the two days but Kenny aboard his new boat Black Pig managed a fish of 14.8 pounds. John doubling as able seaman Stains managed a fish of 11.2 pounds. Willie's best fish went 12 pounds with the  full match results to follow. The sad news over the weekend was that a club member lost a  pair of old friends which he had been attached to for 22 years. These friends pictured below may well turn up in a drain or hedge in the vicinity of The Salen Hotel. There may well be a reward of a free boiler service for any club member knowing there whereabouts.

Monday 7 November 2011


Report below from Stuart Clark of him and Eddie Wongs session at the Newton Shore about a month ago .... Cracking fish the local beach .... Well done Eddie !!

 Please find attached pic of Eddie and his cod it weighed in at a couple of ounces over 5lb he also caught one about 2lb .I caught one about 4 lb which he promptly dropped in the rocks never to be found and 3 big flounders ranging 11/4 to bigger. Tide was incoming 3 hours up then nothing for last hour at top of tide.
Beachcaster now back in shed for another year for he spiders to hang out in.

Sunday 6 November 2011


Had a trip out today on Reel Deal with Stuart C & Davie Kirkland in the hope of a Cod or two .... tried various areas >> Prestwick Peaks, the rougher ground near the Glensheil wreck and the Barber Rock without much success. Most areas we didn't even get a bite but managed a few very small Cod at the Barber Rock. We had fresh lug and muscles with Dave trying a bit of squid as well. These marks always produced a few Cod at this time of year .... Sadly not for a few years now !! >>>> we were hoping that with a few Cod showing from the beaches in the past month or two that we would have managed a few fish out .... Not even one near sized .. Crap !

Whether it's related or not I don't know but there has been dozens of boats prawn trawling the area lately .... Many from Ireland who I believe are trying to save there own quota. In my humble opinion all of this bottom trawling can't be good.

A few more east coast trips me thinks !!

At least it was a lovely day out and good to catch up with Davie .... He is doing fantastic after his health troubles of the past year!

No pics I'm afraid.


Saturday 5 November 2011

Loch Sunart on Tickety Boo and the GG experience

The spurs were hard to find , the noodles were great, the weather was nice, Martin got bitten and Gordon laughed.

Best fish 10 pounds + and a total of six tagged. The guys played Rannoch Moor roulette on the way home and came out winners with all the car headlights intact and ready for the next jaunt.

Friday 4 November 2011

Rod the Cod scores at Gourdon

Rod had a session at Gourdon Thursday night which resulted in six fish to 6 pounds as well as a large  and easy to catch( apparently) Shore Rockling . After heavy tackle losses at Johnshaven he made a move that put him into the fish. After apparently being overrun by mice he called it a day and was happy with the prospects of a few fillets for tea on Friday night.

Wednesday 2 November 2011