Wednesday 3 September 2014

That's fishing !

Stuart and I fished the small boat competition at Port Logan last weekend along with Jason & Gordon on Tartan Spartan and Cammy & Scott on Outcast. The event organised by Tom Stevenson was for the combined weight of the boats biggest nominated species .... Cod, Haddock & Pollock. 19 boats fished on what was a lovely day to be afloat.

Fishing was a little slow at the start in the bay but Stuart managed a sized Haddock which got us off the mark. We headed out to fish the wreck and arrived to find Tartan Spartan and two charter boats from Portpatrick fishing away. The fishing however was useless with Stuart managing the only Pollock between us all .... And it was only a small one at 1 1/2lb ..... Two fish in the bag !!!

As the tide was due to pick up we headed in shore .... We decided on a drift and managed several Haddock & a couple of small Cod before deciding to put the hook down and try some anchor fishing. We steadily caught some nice enough Haddock in the regions of 3/4 - 1 1/4lb so managed to increase our Haddock scoring fish. Stuart also managed a Cod that was just over the line on the stick at 35cm. We had fished this match last year and knew the importance of getting 3 counting fish to have a chance ( we couldn't catch a Haddock at last year yet this year there were more Haddock than anything else ).

We then decided to try in Logan bay for a last shot before the end of the match ....... And a good decision it was !  I wasn't long on the bottom when the rod buckled over ........ I shouted Stuart to get the net as I thought I had a reasonable Cod from the way the fish was fighting. To our surprise up popped 3 Cod between 1 1/2lb - 1 3/4lb ............. Superb  --  that's fishing !!!!!!

We headed in shortly after with our 3 counting fish which was gave us victory in the match .... Only 1 other boat managed to catch 3 counting fish but ours were bigger. £95 in the pocket and off we went home smiling.

A big tanks to Tom & his team for organising and to the Sands Of Luce caravan site for hosting the prise giving.

Unfortunately the club guys on the other boats didn't do very well ...... Maybe next time !!

Saturday 23 August 2014

Willie and Stewart on Loch Ken

I had at last tempted Willie for a trip to loch ken  for a bit of pike and perch fishing

It started off slowly with only a small jack about 4lb coming to my rod on  my favourite  copper spoon.       

   Later in the  day ,after a nap (see below), and giving him a spare spoon Willie was soon into fish with perch of about 1 pound.
Then he weighed  in with a 6 pound pike before ending  the day  with a near 2 pound perch.
Willie's first ever Pike

Tuesday 29 July 2014

July round up

ASAC Shore League - Yellow Isle - 26th July 2014

The 5th match in the Club shore calendar was fished at Yellow Isle, nr. Portpatrick. 7 members fished the match with the addition of one guest.
Fishing from the venue produced mixed bags of fish for all members, with species including, Wrasse, pollack, haddock, thornback, smoothhound, grey gurnard and a surprise spotted ray for Robert Edmond. The fishing was pretty non eventful for most until the light went, then the venue pretty much came alive!
 Results are as follows ...
1st R Edmund with 10 fish for 465pts.
2nd J Soons with 8 fish for 298pts.
3rd I Grant with 9 fish for 271pts.
4th N Wilson with 5 fish for 128pts.
5th D Grant with 2 fish for 84pts.
6th J Wilson with 2 fish for 70pts.
7th M Bletsoe with 2 fish for 67pts.
longest fish J Soons for 46cms.

ASAC Summer League - Ballast Bank 23rd July 2014

The 2nd Summer league match of 2014 was fished at the Ballast Bank, in Troon, with 3 members attending the match. Sandy Wason, John & Shane Wilson. The results are as follows...
1st S Wason with 9 fish for 254pts.
2nd S Wilson with 3 fish for 101pts.
3rd J Wilson with 1 fish for 28pts

Martin had a shot at some mini species adding these two below, Rockcook and Tompot Blenny as well as catching some Bass

Sharkatag Weekend - Solway Area - 19th & 20th July 2014

The results I have for last weekends club match at Sharkatag are as follows:

Willie Kennedy (Sunday)  Tope 120cm, Huss 102cm, Smoothound 92cm, Thornback 72cm SUPER GRAND SLAM   =  23 points (Winner)
Stuart Cresswell (Sunday) Tope 136cm, Huss 84cm, Smoothound 85cm, Thornback 48cm SUPER GRAND SLAM  =  23 points
Scott MacAleese (Sunday) Tope 120cm, Huss 94cm, Smoothound 60cm GRAND SLAM  = 22 points
Jamie Soons (Sunday) Tope 122cm, Huss 90cm, Smoothound 84cm GRAND SLAM  = 22 points
Gordon Goldie (Sunday) Tope 137cm, Huss 105cm, Smoothound 95cm GRAND SLAM  = 22 points
Martin Alison (Saturday) Tope, Huss 2 QUALIFYING SPECIES = 21 points
Camie Donaldson (Saturday) Spurdog + Huss 2 QUALIFYING SPECIES = 21 points
Steven Toner (Saturday) Tope + Huss 2 QUALIFYING SPECIES = 21 points
David Tracey (Saturday) Spurdopg 1 QUALIFYING SPECIES = 20 points

Fishing was pretty hectic on all the boats with large number of tope and huss showing out from Whithorn and plenty of spurdog offshore from Drummore.

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Martin's Bonefish

Honeymoon Bonefish Aruba from Martin A on Vimeo.

Martin had some decent fishing off the beach on his honeymoon. Here is one of his catches.

Tuesday 27 May 2014

A rare event

Gordon pictured here with his second Bass and a first from his boat , a cracker at that.

A nice Thornback  a bunch of smoothies and a Tope rounded off a great day afloat

SW Club match

1st D Grant 1fish for 38pts.
2nd R Edmund 1fish for 37pts.
3rd I Grant 1fish for 33pts.

Longest Fish R Edmund 32cms.

Friday 23 May 2014

Surprise Garfish and some Bass

On a surface lure in May? Probably  the first summer for a few years that this would have been possible.
The best of three fish, might have gone about 5 pounds

Sunday 18 May 2014

First lure caught Bass of 2014

Martin had a couple of school Bass last week which were his first for 2014. Fish  have been reported on bait for the last month or so but with the water temp hitting 11 and  Mackerel, Tope and Smoothies on the scene it was time to go.

Sunday 11 May 2014


Graham and Gordon had a cracking days fishing recently. Check the club website for the full report.


Salty Sea Trout

Martin's been keeping himself busy with some action on lures and fly

Tuesday 1 April 2014

RNLI species event

This annual event took place at Etive last weekend incorporating a club match.

£180 was raised for the RNLI on what was a very difficult days fishing in 30-40mph winds.

Tickety Boo ran out top boat on the day with 7 species.

The biggest fish of the day, the moment was ruined when Gordon dropped one, even in the 30mph wind Martin was forced to cover up

Monday 10 March 2014

Another club day on Etive

I guess it saves the blank

Jigging around

Martin and his mate Scott spent two days throwing lures into various canals. The fishing on the whole was crap  but the weather was good. The best of the fish caught was this 60cm Zander caught at 2pm on the hottest day of the year so far. Nice to see the predators reading the rule book about low light /dawn and dusk situations , colour of the water might have something to do with it!

A respectable canal PB for his efforts

Sunday 2 March 2014

River Tay outing

The club had their annual pilgrimage into freshwater on the 21st of Feb to the river Tay. The target fish being of course the elusive spring run Salmon. Over the last three years this trip has produced one springer and a handful of kelts and with the forecasted conditions I don’t think anyone was overly optimistic regarding the chances with the river on the day knocking on for 10ft above summer levels.
Ian counting his lures ( you'll need a few more mate) while Willie wonders why he's there.

The payday if you’re able to cash in could be the fish of a lifetime and with a two nice fish coming off the Dalmarnock beat already that week you just never know. So eight members made the journey north and found the river level at the expected height, the boat unable to be launched for safety reasons and the top beat also flooded out so the crew  cracked on.

Snap!! another lure hits the 50 yard mark....

The morning session provided an out of season brownie for Eddie but that was it, everyone was happy to hit the hut at 1pm for some coffee and a warm up.

Stewart looking for his car keys  accessorised with the latest addition to the Orvis range, a metal detector

River levels had dropped slightly and three of the crew managed on to the top beat in the afternoon but could only attempt to fish the top 300 yard section.

Time called at about 4.30pm. Everyone appeared to have remained dry with the exception of Martin who slipped underwater in extra time while retrieving snagged lure.
(no leaks in my waders, soooperb...home dry today)
 Some of the guys stopped overnight for a few beers. It was reported that this year nothing was left in the hotel, all bills were paid before leaving and that no suspicious stains were left on exiting the lodgings.

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Some dates for the weeks ahead

Happy New Year!

The first boat match of the year will be at Etive on the 1st of Feb. As well as the usual members boats there will also be a charter boat booked. Anyone interested in a place on the charter boat please speak to John Wilson.

The first shore match of the year will be in the Arbroath area on the 8th of February. Please contact Jamie if you are attending.

The AGM will be held at The Chase on Mason Hill on the 15th of January.

Also, Gordon's mate has some fishing gear for sale. Please contact Gordon directly.

Shimano TLD 15 with a full spool of 88lb Power Pro braid (£40). Reel
and braid used twice only. Practically brand new £85.

Penn Braid Special boat rod 20 - 30lbs and Ugly stick 12 -20lbs class
rods 30quid each. Both in good nick. If anyone wants the lot they can
have it for £140