Sunday 22 July 2012

Rodney with a Sea Trout

Rodney had this nice fish from the Tay estuary last week.

Turnberry Summer League match

9 members fished this match last week and had wind, rain and the expected weed to deal with.

1st J Wilson 3 flounders for 97 points.

2nd S Wason 1 flounder, 1 bass for 75 points.

3rd M Bletsoe 1 bass for 41 points.

4th I Grant 1 flounder for 25 points

Monday 9 July 2012

Port Logan boat match 8th July

130W Millar
228S Robertson
327J Nicol
426G Goldie
525J McBlain
624K Jackson
723K MacAleese
822L McBride
921W McCormick
1020S Toner
1119W Kennedy
1218J Boyd
1317J Robertson
0S MacAleese
0S Cresswell

This sounds more like a day out with the Keyston cops. The fishing was tough but the day filled with incidents for some with lost downriggers, flying mudgards, stuck anchors and Police stops.

There appeared to be a few Huss around but only two Tope and a stray Cuckoo Ray. It was then a case of scratching for the next longest fish.

It was a laugh a minute and a few fish for Will

The Huss were around...

Willie happy as Larry with a fine Wrasse is it July or January ?

 John & Gordon  with a couple of nice Huss

Summer League 2nd match Bracken Bay

                          1st W Millar with 7 fish for 249 points
                         2nd S Wason 5 fish for 194 points
                         3rd S Wilson 4 fish for 127 points
                         4th equal J Wilson/I Grant 3 fish for 101 points
                         5th N Wilson 2 fish for 68 points
                         6th C Grant 1 fish for 39 points
                               7 members fished

 S Wason and W Millar lead the summer league with 38 points 2nd N Wilson and S Wilson 32 points 3rd C Grant 30 points.

J Soons leads the overall shore league with 98 points. 2nd J Wilson 53 points 3rd S Wilson 50 points.

SW shore match 21st June

There was a low attendance for this match but some decent fish were caught.  These included Bass and  believe it or not Cod for those that ventured out into the rain, wind and weed of a typical June night

                           1st 13 fish for 529 points
                           2nd N Wilson 4 fish for 188 points
                           3rd I Grant 5 fish for 186 points
                           4th J wilson 2 fish for 69 points
5 members fished

Nico was delighted with his Bass
Jamie's eating fish for the next few days

Ian got in the action as well...

John with a small but welcome contribution

Bass & Sea Trout

If you're interested in a spot of lure fishing check what Martin's been up to on his blog.