Monday 17 September 2012

SW club match

1st J Soons 7 smoothies 1 flounder 1 doggie 2 tub gurnards = 809pts.

2nd S Kirk 2 smoothies 3 doggies 2 flounders 1 whiting 1 coalie = 414pts.

3rd W Scott 2 smoothies 2 bass 1 doggie =361pis.

4th S Wilson 3 flounders 1 bass 1 smoothie 1 doggie = 274pts.

5th J Wilson 4 flounders 1 bass 1 whiting 1 doggie = 243pts.

6th I Grant 2 flounders = 67pts

Longest fish S Kirk 96cms

7 members fished.

Girvan boat trip

The lads had a trip to Ailsa Craig recently. The Pollack fishing was patchy but they managed a few with Iain losing a cracker at the side of the boat( not sure where Malky was at that point but probably close by) The bulk of the catch was made up of various Wrasse species.

Arthur broke the club Cuckoo Wrasse record with a fish of 1 pounds 15 oz.

Will and Davy split the sweep for the heaviest Pollack.

Wednesday 5 September 2012

The adventures of Stewart & Eddie

Both have been seen sneaking around a variety of estuaries and lochs lately.
Stewart took a break from being a personal  field medic to a certain club  member to slot in some catching with a nice fish circa 15 pounds

A nice  submarine for Eddie around 5 pounds.Stewart was seen feeding the birds( and the Mullet)

Martin's got a rubber fetish

Martin's been  using soft plastics night and day in the hunt for a decent fish or two.
2am and the Red Bull's kicked in, no biggies tonight

7.9 on a 10g 1/0 jig head and Relax Kopyto Shad

Gordon goes it alone on a flatfish fantasy

After the Shetland trip was cancelled due to bad weather GG headed south to Weymouth booking himself some days aboard a variety of charter boats.

A peach at over 6 pounds....
The fishing has been good with Plaice, Turbot, Brill and Black Bream...some pictures to follow but here are a few.

A nice brace

Jim in exile picks up a nice Blonde

A Blonde Ray knocking on for 20 pounds

Jim was shown this rig they use down in the channel for livebaiting for Bass, zero tangles apparently but Jim hooked a Tope....short and sweet. Others were lucky enough to get in about some nice fish