Friday 9 October 2015

Loch Dornie trip

Went up to loch Dornie with Edddie Wong for a couple of nights. We were targeting pollack

But the weather soon put paid to that

It  poured down relentlessly with high  winds so we restricted ourselves to fishing loch Dornie where we found thornbacks aplenty d big average size too,

Eddde started off with a thornie est 13lb we moved to another mark where  we were catching a  fish a  drop until the tide  eased. After  good nights sleep aided by a few beers we returned to the same mark  in  the morning.


Day  2

Back  at the same mark i immediately  got my best thornback of the  trip of about 12ld

With Eddiie catching a codling  of about 2lb whilst feathering for mackerel i caught another Thornback of about 10lb we decided to pack it and go home. So all in all a successful trip (apart for the rain)_ with plenty of double Thornies, Dogfish, Codling ,Whiting, Pollack and  mackerel It was worth the  with  trip ad we will be back
My best of the trip  12lb thornie