Wednesday 3 September 2014

That's fishing !

Stuart and I fished the small boat competition at Port Logan last weekend along with Jason & Gordon on Tartan Spartan and Cammy & Scott on Outcast. The event organised by Tom Stevenson was for the combined weight of the boats biggest nominated species .... Cod, Haddock & Pollock. 19 boats fished on what was a lovely day to be afloat.

Fishing was a little slow at the start in the bay but Stuart managed a sized Haddock which got us off the mark. We headed out to fish the wreck and arrived to find Tartan Spartan and two charter boats from Portpatrick fishing away. The fishing however was useless with Stuart managing the only Pollock between us all .... And it was only a small one at 1 1/2lb ..... Two fish in the bag !!!

As the tide was due to pick up we headed in shore .... We decided on a drift and managed several Haddock & a couple of small Cod before deciding to put the hook down and try some anchor fishing. We steadily caught some nice enough Haddock in the regions of 3/4 - 1 1/4lb so managed to increase our Haddock scoring fish. Stuart also managed a Cod that was just over the line on the stick at 35cm. We had fished this match last year and knew the importance of getting 3 counting fish to have a chance ( we couldn't catch a Haddock at last year yet this year there were more Haddock than anything else ).

We then decided to try in Logan bay for a last shot before the end of the match ....... And a good decision it was !  I wasn't long on the bottom when the rod buckled over ........ I shouted Stuart to get the net as I thought I had a reasonable Cod from the way the fish was fighting. To our surprise up popped 3 Cod between 1 1/2lb - 1 3/4lb ............. Superb  --  that's fishing !!!!!!

We headed in shortly after with our 3 counting fish which was gave us victory in the match .... Only 1 other boat managed to catch 3 counting fish but ours were bigger. £95 in the pocket and off we went home smiling.

A big tanks to Tom & his team for organising and to the Sands Of Luce caravan site for hosting the prise giving.

Unfortunately the club guys on the other boats didn't do very well ...... Maybe next time !!