Wednesday 20 June 2012

Winston's Tope

Graham took this fish which was the heaviest taken by a club member over the course of the weekend  @ 63 pounds its a peach!

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Sharkatag 2012

A really busy day for those in the Whithorn area on Sunday.

A cracking example of a Luce Bay Leopard.

The Spurdog were there as well.

Its all good...

The last sight your bait see's before the ratchet sings.

Martin tried to crack a smile but caught his crack in the throttle lever instead.

With things hotting up Gordon took his bunnet off.....about time  Benny

Not sure who has the best dentist ?

Gordon with a nice Tope the reward for a nights kip in the car.

Willie decided to try for a full string of Huss so baited some feathers and took a double shot.

Martin was pleased with this Huss which were abundant when the Tope took a tea break.

Here we find Stuart wrestling with a Tope which is not best pleased to see him and who can blame it!

A total nut job of a Gurnard to be swimming down there on the day in question.
A nice angle in Gordon's picture below.

Monday 18 June 2012

Kyle McAleese shows his dad and Jamie how its done!

A bumper last day of Sharkatag for some anglers on Sunday with ravenous pack Tope and hungry Huss and some happy anglers making their way home on Sunday night. This was the longest of the fish caught on Sunday by a club member at 180cm ( I think?)

More of a report and pictures to follow.

Dunure Trip

Chris,Iain,shane and John fished dunure for a couple of hours last Thursday after the SL match. They caught a few Coalies and Dabs. Shane has now added another 2 species to his list which takes him to 13 species.

First Summer League match Ballast Bank

Ten members turned up for the first SL of the year. The weather was kind and there were fish being caught from the kick off. Sanny bashed out a mixed bag of fish to take win the match and Chris took the longest fish for the sweep money with a nice Wrasse for here of 38cm and just over 2 pounds.

Will is set to buy a  match pole for his next visit here after  putting together a bucket full of Blenny's Good work from the closet coarse match angler.

1st S Wason 10 fish for 268 points (species Wrasse, Codling, Rockling)
2nd W Millar 15 fish for 189 points (species Blenny)

3rd N Wilson 9 fish for 151 points (species Codling, Blenny, Wrasse)

4th C Grant 5 fish for 137 points (species Wrasse)

5th S Wilson 3 fish for 77 points (species Wrasse. LSS Scorpion fish)

6th M Allison 2 fish for 52 points (species Wrasse, Pollock)

7th M Bletsoe 1 fish for 36 points (codling)

8th j Wilson 1 fish for 17 points (codling)

10 members fished.

Monday 11 June 2012

Play time at Whithorn

The fish played ball for  Steven & Gordon who enjoyed a top days sport out of Whithorn. Notable fish were a big male Tope for Steven with Gordon equalling his best Spur @ 16.9 as well as a new PB Pollack of 11.3

Saturday 9 June 2012

Soft Plastics- Bass & Pollack

Martin has managed a few fish on SP's in the last week with some Pollack on 3 inch Worm Stick and 3.5g jig head

Have a shot with some lures at night. What else would you be doing apart from sleeping ?