Saturday 30 November 2013

Boat and shore calender round up

One match left in the shore calender with a couple of possibilities for a winner.
50% +1 Totals
Stephen Kirk 120
Jamie Soons  107
Nico Wilson 106
John Wilson 103
Will Millar 91

The last boat match will be this weekend. It's a two horse race in what has been a difficult year with so many matches cancelled.
Best 3 Total
1 Jason Nicol 85 108
2 Darren Sloan 83 83
3 Steven Toner 60 60
4 Les McBride 54 54
5 Gordon Goldie 53 53

Friday 22 November 2013


Stu and Gordon made a trip up the well worn road for this time of year to Loch Etive.
A 10 pound 12 oz thornie for Stu was the pick of the bunch
Worth noting is this fish above previously caught by Dale Robertson in Nov 2011 at 5.3 it had moved up a couple of divisions to 7.6
Gordon giving a 6-12 Penn Waveblaster  a work out on a nice thornie. The best of the spurs went to about 4 pounds

Zander & Perch

Martin and his mate Scott made the trip south again to the Midlands for some canal action
Drop shot rigs and 3-4 inch soft plastics resulted in some  decent action

Thursday 14 November 2013

A view on current Bass stocks.....

A summer schoolie ready to go back. Some reading here

While it’s true some points could be debated it might make some interesting reading for anyone that would like to catch Bass in the years ahead.