Tuesday 29 July 2014

July round up

ASAC Shore League - Yellow Isle - 26th July 2014

The 5th match in the Club shore calendar was fished at Yellow Isle, nr. Portpatrick. 7 members fished the match with the addition of one guest.
Fishing from the venue produced mixed bags of fish for all members, with species including, Wrasse, pollack, haddock, thornback, smoothhound, grey gurnard and a surprise spotted ray for Robert Edmond. The fishing was pretty non eventful for most until the light went, then the venue pretty much came alive!
 Results are as follows ...
1st R Edmund with 10 fish for 465pts.
2nd J Soons with 8 fish for 298pts.
3rd I Grant with 9 fish for 271pts.
4th N Wilson with 5 fish for 128pts.
5th D Grant with 2 fish for 84pts.
6th J Wilson with 2 fish for 70pts.
7th M Bletsoe with 2 fish for 67pts.
longest fish J Soons for 46cms.

ASAC Summer League - Ballast Bank 23rd July 2014

The 2nd Summer league match of 2014 was fished at the Ballast Bank, in Troon, with 3 members attending the match. Sandy Wason, John & Shane Wilson. The results are as follows...
1st S Wason with 9 fish for 254pts.
2nd S Wilson with 3 fish for 101pts.
3rd J Wilson with 1 fish for 28pts

Martin had a shot at some mini species adding these two below, Rockcook and Tompot Blenny as well as catching some Bass

Sharkatag Weekend - Solway Area - 19th & 20th July 2014

The results I have for last weekends club match at Sharkatag are as follows:

Willie Kennedy (Sunday)  Tope 120cm, Huss 102cm, Smoothound 92cm, Thornback 72cm SUPER GRAND SLAM   =  23 points (Winner)
Stuart Cresswell (Sunday) Tope 136cm, Huss 84cm, Smoothound 85cm, Thornback 48cm SUPER GRAND SLAM  =  23 points
Scott MacAleese (Sunday) Tope 120cm, Huss 94cm, Smoothound 60cm GRAND SLAM  = 22 points
Jamie Soons (Sunday) Tope 122cm, Huss 90cm, Smoothound 84cm GRAND SLAM  = 22 points
Gordon Goldie (Sunday) Tope 137cm, Huss 105cm, Smoothound 95cm GRAND SLAM  = 22 points
Martin Alison (Saturday) Tope, Huss 2 QUALIFYING SPECIES = 21 points
Camie Donaldson (Saturday) Spurdog + Huss 2 QUALIFYING SPECIES = 21 points
Steven Toner (Saturday) Tope + Huss 2 QUALIFYING SPECIES = 21 points
David Tracey (Saturday) Spurdopg 1 QUALIFYING SPECIES = 20 points

Fishing was pretty hectic on all the boats with large number of tope and huss showing out from Whithorn and plenty of spurdog offshore from Drummore.