Sunday 27 May 2012

SW Club match 27th May

The latest match report from Jamie.
The match kicked off at 11am and with the rest of the lads opting to fish the sand shoreline far to the right, whilst Michelle & myself fished the rocks straight down from the car.

Michelle was first into a fish with a nice rattle on her rod and her retrieval of the first fish of the day, a nice flounder at 34cm's - quickly followed by a nice double shot of flounders again, with the biggest at a nice 39cm's a nice deep plate of a fish!

Whilst sorting out Michelle's catch, I look round to see my other rod receive a nice tug, followed by some smaller pulls, upon picking up the rod, it's almost yanked from my hands, lifting into an nice fish, then it surfaces, an nice big bass, managed to get it to the side and beach it on the rocks, just at that point the hook pulls out and the fish almost escapes back into the water - measured at 70cm's bang on and weighed at 6lb 7oz, it's the first bass of the year for me and what a corker to start with! - We then pack up and head over to the next point along to join the rest of the guys...

Upon arrival we are informed of their lack of fish and bites, I set up again and cast out, within 5 minutes my rods nodding into another flattie and then followed by another 2 shortly after, then as the tide starts to ease the bites go off and it's time to sit back and relax and enjoy the sun! - yup roasted again!! - Iain Grant also managed a nice wee flounder of 34cm's falling to a rag bait.

1st.  Jamie Soons - 5 fish, 4 flounder & 1 Bass — longest fish 70cm's

2nd. Michelle Smith - 3 flounders — longest fish 39cm's

3rd. Iain Grant - 1 Flounder - 34cm's