Saturday 3 August 2013

Club outing Portppatrick

Left Port Patrick at 9.00am and headed to our mark but was met by a fog bank which dictated how the fishing would be for the rest of the day. We had planned to anchor up and fish for some tope. The skipper had a couple of drifts and we had some nice whiting and haddock on board.

The next drift produced Gurnards, Plaice, and the odd dogfish. We had a shot at anchoring and the Bull Huss made an appearance and the hope of a tope might be around. The skipper made the call to up anchor as visibility was poor as the fog was all around us as you will notice in the pictures.

Went on the drift again and was into some nice Bull Huss, Whiting and more dogfish. Mat had the best haddock which made it escape to freedom as I was taking his picture. Darren and Malky best Bull Huss at 9lbs 4os for Malky Darren`s around the 10lb mark. Shane the mackerel king and Victoria had a nice launce and Mat had a nice plaice. Everyone had a good time and plenty of fish caught well done guys.