Sunday 23 October 2011

Loch Etive shore match 22nd Oct

Seven anglers braved the elements in what has to be one of the wettest shore matches yet( wetter even than the last Etive match believe it or not) The venue was on the north shore at the Bonawe area. Not the worst results for a shore match but difficult conditions to endure for all concerned.

Malcolm in his wisdom left his waterproof jacket at home which was a great start and Martin's new brolly bought on Saturday broke at the knuckle joint and is in now in four pieces and was picked out of the sea by Will. Iain questioned his sanity on more than one occasion and Mr Hardcore AKA Shane Wilson seemed to be the only angler not happy to end the match early. We did check him out for concussion just to see if he had bumped his head in the dark.

The drive back was a hoot with dodging a variety of animals in the dark the main challenge. There was good potential to get the Scottish mammal grand slam of Deer, Fox and Badger while aquaplaning through the surface water. Martin was apparently the only person with a Camera that was mildly waterproof so only his pictures have survived the Etive Tsunami. Results will be added to this post when the score sheets dry out.