Friday 14 June 2013

Nico, catching the ghost fish

A nice report here from Nico. If you've never tried summer Mullet fishing or not had a go for years this pretty much sums it up and is a good reason to get out there somewhere, with a loaf and a float. It's basic angling and arguably angling at it's best.

I knew the mullet would be in with all the hot weather.  I headed down to my local mark with a bucket of groundbait in one hand and the rod in the other.

It only took me five minutes to spot them, lazing around on the top of the water. Without spooking them I started ground baiting, getting them close in. When the bait hit the water it started off a feeding frenzy, they were darting through the clouds of bait, eating off the top, it was amazing and great to see them again and in good numbers.

I got the rod set up with 7lb line, control float and a 3ft snood with a small carp hook. First cast landed right on top of them and the bread got hit but I wasn’t too eager to strike, just yet. My heart was going waiting for the float to go and then, the float darts across the water, STRIKE, but I missed the fish. For about 30minutes I kept missing fish and I was thinking, I’m not going to get one today. I know a lot about these mullet, so I kept going for it, then, bingo one fish on its own feeding in the ground bait. Here was my chance, without spooking it I slowly cast to the left, letting it go down towards the fish. It spotted the bread and swam up to it, mouthing it and then all hell broke loose and it was off, like a missile across the water. I was thinking don't snap, don't snap with my heart in my mouth.  What felt like 20mins later I landed this nice wee mullet to go with the other five I’ve had over the past couple of days. It was a good days fishing.