Sunday 31 May 2015

Visit to the Coastguard & Lifeboat Station at Girvan

Despite a low attendance from club members the visit went ahead. First we visited the coastguard station. Where Alex took us through all the procedures and duties these guys undertake.
                                        The lifting equipment demo of an injured person from the cliffs

Then it was across the road to the lifeboat station where again we were taken through all the procedures and duties that these guys, who are all volunteers, undertake. An added bonus we were taken out in the lifeboat we were shown a man overboard procedure where one of the crew kindly jumped into the water twice! To show us how they go about getting a man back

All n all it was an excellent nigh t hopefully we do not need the assistance from these guys but it is comforting to know that they are there.
                                          Willie at the controls of the lifeboat with coxswain Gary
                                                                               Man overboard!
Safely back
Inside the lifeboat