Tuesday 21 February 2012


After some news of big Cod being caught by the Whitehaven trawlers last week with a fish of 42lb reported Stuart and I decided to have a go .... Eternal optimists !!!! ( bloody nutters more like ).

Stuart spoke with Rab Gallagher from Glenrothes who had been told of the fish through one of his contacts .... Arrangements were made to meet at Kipford early Sunday morning.

We arrived at around 7.00am to a beautiful calm sunny morning full of hope ... With the tide rising we set off out to Heston Island and through in the anchor. We have fished this mark many times over the years with many a decent Cod boated. First cast a few bumps of my uptide developed into breaking out my grip lead .... A COD ??? .... Alas not a Cod but a nice fish all the same as a 10lb Thorny was netted ..... A lovely fish for this time of year.

After a few Dabs we headed to a mark further offshore where we continued to catch dabs and a few doggies .... no Cod :-(  

Since the turn of the year this will be our third trip to the upper Solway area in search of Cod ( what did I say about eternal optimists ) - we have fished Rascarrel with only a couple of Cod to 2.5lb between 3 off us and then Colvend again with 3 off us fishing with 2 rods catching only Dabs.

Who knows if the reports of big Cod last week are true or not ... all I can say is that like a lot of our fishing it ain't what it used to be .... no doubt I will be back next season to try again.

Willie K